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Hopefully, we can answer your questions here. If you still require help, please get in touch via email, socials or live chat (when available).

  • Will my order fit through the letterbox?

    Our 6-quantity boxes are designed to fit through standard-size letter boxes.

  • When will my order be dispatched?

    We dispatch orders as quickly as possible, usually within 1-3 working days. Unfortunately, we are unable to hold back any orders, so please bear this in mind when ordering for a special occasion.

  • What’s the shelf life of my order once delivered?

    Our bakes are wrapped and sealed for maximum freshness. We recommend storing them airtight and refrigerated. This will allow you to indulge for at least 10 days after delivery, and they are also suitable for home freezing.

  • How will my order be packaged?

    Orders of 6 will be packaged as standard. Orders of 12 will be packaged in a double-layered box.

  • How many servings are in a slice?

    Our indulgent brownies and blondies are perfect for 2 portions per slice!

  • Can I choose my delivery day?

    Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that your order will arrive on a specific date. Please see below for further information.

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